Richard is the founder of Xhale Breathwork.

Breathwork came into Richard's life almost by accident. He was already working as a coach, primarily helping people with anxiety and depression (something that Richard had personally experienced in his own life) when his father was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Richard started researching ways to help his father and came across several case studies where people had been able to self heal themselves from MS using specific breathing exercises developed by a man named Wim Hof. Fascinated, he traveled to Poland to meet Wim and learn these techniques.

What he learned and witnessed in Poland completely shifted his beliefs on the potential of human beings and how they can be healed, both mentally and physically. Not only did he learn techniques to help his father, but in the process he had many breakthroughs of his own. This was the start of Richard's obsession with breathwork. Richard has now personally trained under multiple modern breath masters including Wim Hof (Wim Hof Method) and Judith Kravitz (Transformational Breathing).

"I believe that breathwork is the great equaliser. It brings mind and body back to a neutral state. From this state, profound growth will occur." - Richard Bostock

Richard founded Xhale which provides guided breathing experiences in a group setting. He continues to work one on one with people who wish to have a deeper experience for accelerated personal growth.

Erin L.

Before working with Richard I was completely closed off and shut down, unmotivated and uninspired to do anything other than just survive each day with only the bare minimum effort.

Now, I no longer require antidepressants and my anxiety is non-existent. I am inspired everyday and loving life.

I am so thankful that I had the opportunity and the absolute pleasure of working with Richard and I just can't recommend him enough. His skills and techniques have been far more beneficial to me than all the hours spent in counselling appointments over many years!

Stephanie C.

I reached out to Richard during a time of deep personal struggle and turmoil. Having suffered from panic attacks for the last 2 years, I knew I wanted to chart a new path in my life’s journey, but I did not know how to do that.

Within 15 minutes of our first session, Richard was able to allay my initial fears; that I wasn't crazy or beyond help. Since then, Richard has been an integral part in my quest for a sound and healthy mind, body and spirit.

In just a few sessions, my self-esteem and confidence levels improved greatly. I finally feel as though I am in control of my life now and the sense of empowerment is liberating.

Erik C.

As a person with ADHD and Bipolar, I find myself trapped in panic attacks and anger attacks regularly through my daily life.

After only three sessions I am now finally able to "stop and relax" and stay more relaxed and calm throughout the day.

Not only have Richard's knowledge, experience and techniques made a big difference for me, but just consulting with him made me feel instantly calm and I am inspired by his personality and down-to-earth attitude.

Deb R.

Before I met Richard I was living with a lot of fear and anxiety. I was in a rut and couldn't seem to move forward in life.

I now have had a real mind shift. I know I can face my fears and I feel more confident within myself. I hold my head up a lot more and I don't shy away from challenges.

If you have the opportunity to work with Richard you should jump at the chance. I feel incredibly lucky to have worked with him and I wish everyone could experience what I have.

Melissa G.

I have always struggled with performance anxiety and as a professional singer, this is crippling.

In just one session Richard taught me some great techniques for dealing with the anxiety and in my next audition I was completely calm and focused.

Want more details? Drop Richard a line or send an email and he will contact you within 24 hours.